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Janus is a freelance designer and illustrator located in central Illinois. Known for his stylized fantasy landscapes, which are characterized by a contemporary and organic sensibility. With a passion for transformative artwork, Janus creates intricate layered shadow box art and  art prints. He has been traveling cross country exhibiting at different conventions and shows promoting his work and new projects.

In 2015, Janus co-founded Esclair Studios. Through the studio Janus has applied his skills in many different avenues, ranging from conceptual work, product design, and illustration. His methods are exact with astonishing detail that pushes the limits of what is possible with his work. Since helping establish Esclair Studios, Janus started pursuing a personal journey and in 2018 created ‘Subconscious Realms’ focusing on personal projects, developing his distinct art style, and more freelance work.

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