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Janus Esclair

Design • Illustration • Concept Art

“I have walked in the shadows between worlds…and it is there I have finally glimpsed upon the Realms that lay in the depths of the Subconscious…”

Janus Esclair

Janus Esclair is a Freelance Designer and Illustrator based in the Tennessee area. His work is characterized by stylized Illustrations, contrasted with a contemporary and organic sensibility. His fantasy landscapes are the stuff of dreams, leading to rumors that he is in fact a traveler from a distant realm. Whimsical and surreal, the conceptual landscapes are the perfect parallel of the real world and fantasy worlds that exist in the realm of imagination. Each piece is a part of a large story, building on one another to create a world that breaths life into the mundane and transcends even time itself.


Janus is one of the Co-Founders for Esclair Studios. Through the studio, Janus has applied his mythical skills to many different avenues, ranging in conceptual work to product design. His methods are exact with astonishing attention to detail that pushes the limit of what is possible through his artwork. Take a moment to observe any of his pieces and you will quickly find yourself swept away on a journey of dreams, it is an experience unlike any other.


*this is only a selection of what I can offer*

Custom + Conceptual Illustration

Each person experiences the world differently, and those experiences can shape what we imagine creatively. I can work with you to turn your visions into reality whether it be creating the perfect packaging for your product, or conceptualizing a whole world in which you wish to work.

2D Environment + Concept Design

Environments are a basis for all interactive experiences that are available to us today, and having an enriching environment is key to the consumer. I have the experience to be able to mold worlds starting at the very beginning of conception, and work each unique world to completion. My process begins on paper, and will mold easily to any direction you have envisioned.

Logo Design

The most important part of the design process for your company, product, or service. (Well besides the name.) Your Logo will be on everything, so it is important that the logo is simple, memorable, and recognizable, so that it stands out from the rest. The logo will be the face of your company on all that you give out, and I can work with you to make a design that communicates that you are reliable and will meet their needs.

Branding Development

This is the cornerstone of your company, product, or service. Starting with the Logo, the brand starts to come to life. The aim is for all of the promotional materials and brand assets to have cohesive branding, so that the end result, is an encompassing experience that makes your company, product, or service unforgettable.

I approach the brand of a company as a way to sell your product or service in a light hearted and meaningful way. The logos should represent the best in your business and I will work with you to make that clear to your clients.

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